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StaffHelper's Avatar

180 • 33

The ideal bot for a server moderation team, that puts server staff in mind.
Utilities, Logging
MarksBot's Avatar

423 • 18

MarksBot is a Discord moderation and fun bot it has plenty of commands to keep you busy
Moderation, Fun, Economy
Aziel's Avatar

0 • 13

A easy to use multipurpose Discord bot for all of your needs.
Moderation, Fun, Utilities, Logging, Game
Elara's Avatar

229 • 10

A multiple purpose bot that has information, moderation commands, and logging features.
Moderation, Logging
OffersBot's Avatar

585 • 9

Recalled by the developers of OffersBot for Data Privacy Protect.
Fun, Game
Nuctorno's Avatar

15 • 7

Nuctorno - The everything bot | ?help | Nuctorno strives to provide, the best secuirty/mod tools!
Moderation, Fun, Utilities, Logging
Midnight Food's Avatar

Midnight Food
162 • 6

Deliver high quality virtual food to your server members with a premium bot!
Fun, Economy, Leveling, Utilities
Aurora's Avatar

0 • 4

Aurora does many things such as: giveaways, per-server currency, and more fun/info commands!
Fun, Economy, Memes, Game
Meowbahh Bot's Avatar

Meowbahh Bot
0 • 3

Meowbahh Bot is a braindead bot that will get your laughs going.
Fun, Memes
Anti-Idiot Bot's Avatar

Anti-Idiot Bot
0 • 1

A discord bot that blocks NFTs advertisements and Idiots from your server
Cookie King's Avatar

Cookie King
0 • 1

Cookie King - Ein Economy System der anderen Art. Who doesn't like cookies anyway?
Fun, Economy
Wraxx's Avatar

0 • 1

Hey it's wraxx a discord multi purpose bot made by Wraxx Development
Moderation, Fun, Leveling
VitalServers's Avatar

7 • 1

I'm a bot for VitalServers, the serverlist for VitalList.
Utilities, Logging
MemeBot's Avatar

0 • 1

Simple MemeBot with great commands for you and your servers!
Fun, Memes
Vex's Avatar

0 • 0

A totally free bot that will help you build your Discord community.
EasterBot's Avatar

0 • 0

Countdown to Easter the fun way with EasterBot in your discord server
Fun, Anime
ToD's Avatar

0 • 0

ToD is a bot that generates random truths or dares to allow consumers to have fun with family and fr
Fun, Anime, Game
sparkfirebot's Avatar

68 • 0

Multipurpose bot with 200+ commands, and 10 public categories of commands
Moderation, Fun, Memes, Game
Koushi's Avatar

0 • 0

Koushi is a friendly, fun and random discord bot for your server!
Moderation, Fun, Music
Filo's Avatar

0 • 0

Filo is a powerful multipurpose Discord bot. Customizable, multiple languages, report, logging...
Moderation, Fun, Economy, Utilities, Logging, Anime, Memes
NEON's Avatar

0 • 0

NEON is a future-packed discord bot. To fill you server with fun!
Moderation, Fun, Economy, Game
Halloween Bot's Avatar

Halloween Bot
0 • 0

Want a bot to count you down to the days till Halloween then why not invite Halloween Bot.
Fun, Economy
DisTickets's Avatar

0 • 0

DisTickets is a simple and easy-to-use ticket system for your Discord server.
Universe's Avatar

0 • -998

The only bot you'll ever need! • Moderation • Logs • Ticketing • Reaction Roles • 24/7 Online
Moderation, Fun, Utilities