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Prefix: u! (changeable)

Owner:  Ishaantek#0001

Tags: Moderation, Fun, Utilities


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<h2 id="about">About</h2> <p>Hey, I&#39;m Ishaan! I&#39;m a 13y/o web developer. I started working on Universe in 2021, and fast-forward to today, Universe is the most potent Discord bot with its own web dashboard and API.</p> <h2 id="features">Features</h2> <p>147 commands and 11 different categories!</p> <p>• <strong>Alt Detector</strong>: Blocks alt accounts from your server. <br /> • <strong>Applications</strong>: Manage applications from the dashboard. <br /> • <strong>Config</strong>: Configure your server&#39;s settings. <br /> • <strong>Utility</strong>: Surplus of utility commands to keep your server in check. <br /> • <strong>Fun</strong>: A ton of commands and games to keep your server active. <br /> • <strong>Images</strong>: Plenty of image generation commands. <br /> • <strong>Information</strong>: Information commands to understand your server. <br /> • <strong>Moderation</strong>: Mod commands to moderate your discord server. <br /> • <strong>Reaction Roles</strong>: Powerful and simple reaction roles. <br /> • <strong>Tickets</strong>: Powerful ticketing solutions with web-logs. <br /> • <strong>Economy</strong>: Coming out soon! <br /></p> <p>Universe even has the following features on the website:</p> <p>• <strong>Ticket Transcripts</strong> + <strong>Application Transcripts</strong>. <br /> • <strong>Contact and Report</strong> page. <br /> • <strong>Welcome messages</strong> and <strong>farewell messages</strong> in embeds. <br /> • Fully customizable <strong>Logging</strong> and <strong>moderation</strong> <br /> • Fully customizable <strong>Suggestions</strong> and <strong>Server Reports</strong>. <br /> • A built-in <strong>Premium system</strong>. <br /> • A built-in maintenance mode. <br /> • A <strong>Members Management</strong> page. <br /> • Auto Mod, Levelling, and Commands (coming soon!) <br /></p> <h2 id="premium">Premium</h2> <p>You can buy premium <a href="https://universebot.xyz/premium">by clicking here</a>!</p> <h2 id="credits">Credits</h2> <p>Ishaantek#0001 - Owner / Lead Developer</p>

Ratings & Reviews

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BrydenIsNotSmart#0001's Avatar

BrydenIsNotSmart#0001 11/13/2022, 12:02:00 AM

It's an okay bot, some nice features but there are better options.

Kyasa#9048's Avatar

Kyasa#9048 05/10/2020, 9:32:25 AM

Glitched bot page

Pmesh#0833's Avatar

Pmesh#0833 12/3/2022, 2:15:28 AM

Not a recommended bot.

markawes#0001's Avatar

markawes#0001 11/13/2022, 9:16:38 AM

Seems okay, although looks like a clone if I'm honest