I'm a bot for VitalServers, the serverlist for VitalList.

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<h2 id="vitalservers">VitalServers</h2> <p>The offical bot for Vital Servers, the server list for VitalList .</p> <h5 id="here-are-some-of-my-commands"><strong>Here are some of my commands:</strong></h5> <p><code>ping</code>: Check if the bot is alive and running.<br> <code>vote</code>: Vote for a server on VitalServers.<br> <code>invite</code>: Creates an invite for a server on VitalServers.<br> <code>page</code>: Provides you with a link to a server&#39;s page on VitalServers.<br></p> <h6 id="how-do-i-publish-my-server-to-vitalservers"><strong>How do I publish my server to VitalServers?</strong></h6> <p>Since I am already in this server, its already in the VitalServers database.<br> Step #1: Run the /invite command is this server, note that this command can only be used by admins.<br> Step #2: Go to the server edit page that is linked in the invite command and edit it. Note that only server owners can edit it.<br> Once you click &quot;Submit&quot; your server will be public on VitalServers!</p>

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