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Prefix: ?

Owner:  Aleks!#9446

Tags: Moderation, Fun, Utilities, Logging


Votes: 7

Servers: 15

Shards: 1

<p>This bot currently does not have as many commands as many would think, but were making very hard day in and out to provide the best quality for you. We want the bot to be just right and perfect for you. We want the bot to be the only bot you need.</p> <p>Insomnia will provide a large amount of moderation tools, admin tools, util tools, fun tools, and much more!</p> <p>While you wait for these amazing new updates. Make your own profile with the ?profile command and edit it however you like! We will see you when we see you!</p>

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Pmesh#0833's Avatar

Pmesh#0833 11/20/2022, 9:44:19 AM

Cool bot! Clean look and cool commands!