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<p>● To get help on a specific command type <code>/help</code>!</p> <h1 id="ℹ-info">ℹ Info</h1> <p><code>botinfo</code>, <code>stats</code>, <code>help</code>, <code>links</code></p> <h1 id="🎫ticket-commands">🎫Ticket Commands</h1> <p><code>add</code>, <code>close</code>, <code>config</code>, <code>remove</code>, <code>ticket-panel</code></p> <h1 id="⚙️-utilities">⚙️ Utilities</h1> <p><code>feedback</code>, <code>suggest</code>, <code>reportbug</code></p> <p><a href="https://discord.gg/distickets"><strong>DisTickets Support Server</strong></a></p>

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